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20 Bed Bug Traps with Attractant Trappit Bed Bug Detector Traps Bed Bug Monitors

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Trappit Bed Bug Detector Traps - 20 Pack

The AgriSense Bed Bug Monitoring Trap for the Professional Pest Control market

10 perforated boards - 20 total traps
Contains exclusive Bed Bug attractant
Discreet, effective and easy to use
Catches bed bugs at all stages of development
Generally no product registration required
Pesticide and insecticide free

Following extensive screening of a library of active ingredients, AgriSense have developed and refined a formulation that has resulted in a trap that is both sensitive and efficient in trapping and monitoring both the instar developmental stages as well as adult bed bugs.

The trap offers significant value in guiding the pest controller to the rooms that have bed bugs present and following insecticide treatment of these rooms, the traps are effective in directing efforts to the rooms requiring secondary or follow-up treatments.

In facilities having numerous rooms such as hotels, care homes and hostels, the monitors offer the pest controller a direct time saving component from a reduction in the room inspection times.

The AgriSense Bed Bug Monitoring Trap is ideally placed in the bedroom on the floor next to the skirting board, under the headboard of the bed. This allows for an effective and discreet monitoring of the presence of bed bugs.

The trap should be placed in the room for a week. Following analysis of the distribution of the bed bug infestation, the extent of the infestation in the block or hotel can then be managed with best practice bed bug control techniques.

If no bed bugs are caught in the trap following the recommended placement duration, this does not guarantee that the room is free from bed bugs. Additionally, to the untrained eye and without knowledge of insect morphology, bed bug nymphs can sometimes be misinterpreted as other insects, such as book lice. If there is doubt in confirming the presence of trapped insects, it is recommended to consult a qualified entomologist.

The trap is intended as one of the ?tools? available to assist the professional user to guide the implementation of control measures according to the recommended best practice guidelines to control bed bugs. The AgriSense Bed bug Monitoring Trap has a 2 year storage shelf life. The trap is recommended to be replaced every 4 weeks when in service.

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