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20Lbs Rat Bait Blocks 8oz Each Block Kills 8 Rats Contrac Blox Super Size Blocks

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20 Lbs Rat Bait Blocks Rat Bait Rat Killer Rat Poison Contrac Blox Super Size
***This Product Is Not For Sale To: CALIFORNIA

This listing is for 40 / 8oz Contrac Super Size Rodent Bait Blox - 20 Lb Box

Large Extruded Blox with Bromadiolone Ideal for Rat Baiting

CONTRAC Super-Size BLOX is a larger version of Bell's extruded BLOX, which is ideal for sewers and other tough baiting situations. The 8 oz. (225g) BLOX contain the single-feeding anticoagulant, Bromadiolone, is excellent for clean-out and maintenance control of mice and rats, including warfarin-resistant Norway rats. An all-weather bait, CONTRAC Super-Size BLOX is formulated with the optimal blend of food-grade ingredients and a low wax content to yield a highly palatable and weather-able bait. In stringent weather testing, CONTRAC Super-Size BLOX achieved consistent rodent acceptance. Plus, the Super-Size BLOX is shaped with multi-edges that appeal to a rodent's need to gnaw. This large BLOX fits securely in Bell's larger, tamper-resistant bait stations. A center hole also lets technicians wire or hang it for added security.

Bait shyness is not a problem with CONTRAC because mortality occurs a few days after a toxic dose is consumed.
The antidote, Vitamin K1 is readily available.

Contrac Blox Super Size Blox are large, Super-Size Blox (8 oz.ea) that work well for heavy rodent infestations and in sewers. Each box comes with wires if needed to wire and attach bait.

Active Ingredient: Bromadiolone 0.005%

?The bait of choice in the pest control industry, Bell's patented All-Weather BLOX are manufactured from Bell's unique extrusion process that yields a hard, multiple-edged bait with the palatability of a meal bait and the weather-ability of a paraffinized bait.

?BLOX get unsurpassed rodent acceptance and control.The multiple edges appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw and BLOX are made with food-grade ingredients and small amounts of paraffin for a highly palatable bait. BLOX work well in any condition -- wet or dry, indoors or out. A hole in the center of the BLOX lets technicians place it on bait securing rods in bait stations, or nail or wire it in place.

?The large, Super-Size Blox (8 oz.) works well for heavy rodent infestations and in sewers. Each box comes with wires if needed to wire and attach bait.

?It also fits on bait securing rods in rat-size PROTECTA and PROTECTA LP Bait Stations

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***This Product Is Not For Sale To: CALIFORNIA

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