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Altosid Pellets WSP Mosquito IGR (50 Pack ) Lavacide Mosquito Killer Treatment

Altosid Pellets WSP Mosquito IGR (50 Pack ) Lavacide Mosquito Killer Treatment

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Altosid Pellets WSP - Mosquito IGR - Bag ( 50 Pouches )

Active Ingredient: (S)-Methoprene - 4.25%

Altosid Pellets WSP contains Altosid, which is an insect growth regulator to prevent adult emergence of water mosquitoes or floodwater mosquitoes.

Helps with preventing the spread of West Nile Virus, which can be found in adult mosquitoes.

Altosid Pellets WSP will continue to release for up to 30 days. Treated larvae will continue to grow at a normal rate to the adult stage (pupal stage) where they die.

Each bag comes with 50 ready-to-use, water soluble pouches. Each pouch will cover up to 135 sq feet of water surface area.
They are water sensitive and when it touches water, the pouches will dissolve and release the pellets.

Altosid Pellets WSP are easy to use, they are ideal for treating water sites that are hard to reach like roadside ditches, storm drains, catch basins, and other artificial or natural water-holding containers.

* Note: This insect growth regulator will not work on mosquitoes which have reached the pupal or adult stage before treatment.

Active Ingredient:     (S)-Methoprene - 4.25%


Water mosquitoes, including Anopheles, Culex, Culiseta, Coquillettidia, and Mansonia spp., as well as adults of the floodwater mosquitoes, such as Aedes, Ochlerotatus, and Psorophora spp. from treated sites.

Aquatic settings, artificial containers, catch basins, irrigated or flooded croplands, permanent bodies of water [ponds and lakes], seasonal depressions, temporary water containers or tree-holes.


Place one pouch into each catch basin. One pouch will treat up to 135 square feet of surface area and will provide up to 30 days control of emerging adult mosquitoes. Use the pouches to treat small bodies of water. Once the outer foil bag is open, use pouches within one day.

A single pouch coverage of 135 sq. ft. of water surface area
There are 50 pouches in each bag.

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