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Black Genus Eclipse Fly Light Restaurant Fly Light Trap Dining Rm Insect Light

Black Genus Eclipse Fly Light Restaurant Fly Light Trap Dining Rm Insect Light

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Genus Eclipse Fly Light Trap - Color - BLACK

Covers 3,000 sq. ft. of continuous space

Dimensions- 16.1 in. L x 11.9 in. W x 3.7 in. D

2 / 15 watt black light UV bulbs - Total 30 watts

Voltage - 110-120v/60Hz -  6 foot cord - UL listed

Replacement glue  boards -      ebay item # 380861514680

Genus® ECLIPSE™ is the result of the fusion of design-led development, the very latest advances in UVA transmission technology and customer-driven demand for a unit to bring effective control of flying insects to the most sensitive public areas.

Genus® ECLIPSE™ complements any décor and lighting scheme and even offers a range of different fascia colour and fi nish options to ensure it will enhance any existing room color choices.

It also features integral soft-ambiance LED visible light output that can supplement the lighting scheme in its chosen location and together with silent operation and the totally out of sight insect catch system, further disguise its proven control capability. In every way, Genus® ECLIPSE™ is the realization of modern, discreet and effective flying insect control.


Design-led styling and operation -- giving discreet slimline appearance and silent operation for the most sensitive front of house customer locations.

Side-mounted UV tube array with forward angle reflection -- minimizing blind-spots and maximizing the UVa footprint and flying insect attraction.

Unique ‘interrupted pattern’ UV tube cover – creating vertical line transmission and increasing insect attraction over competing ambient UV sources.

Incorporates 'light blades technology' – concentrating UVA‘visibility’ and increasing insect attraction.

Soft-ambience LED visible light – complementing any decor and lighting scheme and giving low power consumption and a five-year replacement cycle.

Unit fascia colour options – blending into and complementing selected room color choices.

Built-in electrical cord storage – ensuring the cord is completely hidden when unit installed next to the power outlet and cannot detract from décor and interior design.

Twin 15watt UV lamps – giving 30watts directed UVA output and maximizing insect attraction.

Out of sight silent catch system – giving total discretion in use in all public areas.

Large catch area (65sq.ins/418sq.cms) – maximizing flying insect catch.

Glue-board technology – reducing the dependence on insecticides in the workplace and customer environments.

Grid-marked Glue-board – aiding insect identification and count and contributing to IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs.

Side-hinged fascia – sideways opening access for ‘hands-free’ safe servicing in all locations.

Low-maintenance simple servicing schedule – saving your staff time and increasing your productivity.

Sleeved-tube Safety Lamps available as option – protecting people and products in handling and operation.

Worldwide Safety Certification – giving regulations compliance confidence.


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