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Detour Sealant ( 12 Tubes ) Rodent Rat Mouse House Mice Barrier Sealant

Detour Sealant ( 12 Tubes ) Rodent Rat Mouse House Mice Barrier Sealant

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DeTour Sealant for Rodents Rats Mice-  10oz. Tube  - 12 Pack

**Case of   (12 x 10 oz tubes)

DeTour For Rodents And Insects,
previously known as DeTour For Rodents Bio-repellent is the first Fifra EPA 25b exempt contact bio-repellent for rodents that acts as a contact irritant. Once rats and mice come into contact with DeTour, they will do everything they can to exit the structure. The bio-repellent irritates them but does not harm them. When used strategically, DeTour for Rodents can literally create a barrier around structures.

Detour Rodent Repellent is an all natural bio-repellent that detours or drives rodents away from targeted areas. Detour for Rodents causes stress in the rodent population. Normally rodents, especially rats are trap shy. Because of the stress introduced in the population by Detour,  the rodent's shyness around rat traps is decreased. This makes rodent trapping easier and more effective. Detour for Rodents will not harm rodents.

Detour Repellent contains white pepper (in a food grade mineral oil )as a contact irritant. Detour will deliver this contact irritant to the rodent in their fur, nerve endings and sensory organs.They can not remove it from their fur.

As a contact irritant, the rodent needs to come in contact with the material. This product may be used as a stand-alone rodent control product or partnered with traps or rodent baits.

Featured Benefits

    Bio Based-All Natural
    Non Toxic
    Changes rodent behavior
    Incites flight response in rodents
    Stressed rodents are easier to trap
    Soap and water clean-up
    EPA registered Can be applied around food and food storage
    Advanced (first Fifra EPA 25b exempt contact bio-repellent for rodents)
    Highly tolerant to extreme temperature changes (0 deg to over 200 deg F)
    Detour contains active White Pepper
    Irritates the delicate senses of rodents
    Will not harm animals, or human beings
    Applied with caulk gun

Repels Rodents Rats , Mice and will repel squirrels

White Pepper 3% Inert Ingredients: White Mineral Oil (Food Grade ) 87%, Silica 10%

Application Instructions:

Identify the rodent's activity , it's trails and runways.Look for areas of rodent activity including locations where droppings, rub marks or gnaw marks are visible and place Detour for Rodents can be applied in about a one-half inch bead. If it is thick, it stays a little longer.The rodents need to walk on it , as they travel after contact, they track it to other areas. Place it in direct paths.

DeTour in the 10 Oz Tubes requires the use of a standard caulking gun

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