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Kaput D Pocket Gopher Bait Gopher Killer 50 Lbs Gopher Control Bait -NOT FOR: CA

Kaput D Pocket Gopher Bait Gopher Killer 50 Lbs Gopher Control Bait -NOT FOR: CA

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Kaput-D Pocket Gopher Bait  - 50 Lb Bag

Active Ingredient- Diphacinone  .005%

This Gopher Bait can be applied by hand, in underground bait stations, or with a gopher probe.

The bait is manufactured with wheat and the anticoagulant diphacinone.

After initial treatment, if fresh mounds appear after 2 -3 weeks, repeat treatment. 

*Before use, please read the entire label and follow all use directions and use precautions.

Apply 1/2 cup of bait as far into the borrow as possible by hand or with gopher probe.

Kaput is LESS toxic to non-target animals. An antidote, Vitamin K1 is readily available.

Kill time  3-5 days

Manufacturer Product Number 5000558


4 – 12 inches in length

Yellowish-brown to black fur on top and the underside is often a lighter shade to almost white in color

Large front claws and large incisors, both used for digging

Short tail and small, nearly naked ears

Often noticed by their fan-shaped soil mounds that lead to the burrow system, generally 4 to 18 inches below ground – usually 3 inches in diameter but can vary with the size of the gopher

Eats roots, plants and other vegetation they encounter while digging or that they pull into their tunnel from below -alfalfa is one of the most nutritious foods for pocket gophers.

Gophers are active throughout the day

Reproduction begins the Spring after birth, 1 month gestation period with litters of 2 – 6

Typically one litter per year, occasionally two have been noted in the South

This is a poison laced rice that gophers can consume easily. You must identify the gopher's mound, carefully dig down until you locate the path, put approx 1/2 cup into the open hole and then carefully replace the dirt without disturbing the bait.

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