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Manganese Chelate 5% for Bedding Plants Perennials Cut Flowers Ornamentals 2.5GL

Manganese Chelate 5% for Bedding Plants Perennials Cut Flowers Ornamentals 2.5GL

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 Manganese Chelate 5% -   2.5 Gals

Manganese Chelate 5% is an organic chelate formulated to keep the manganese in dissolvable form for plant absorption.

Active Ingredient: Sulfur (S) Combined - 2.0%, Manganese (Mn) - 5.0%

This chelate is ideal for both foliar and soil absorption, considering this chelate is assimilated through a foliar spray.

It is made from different types of organic sugar that are effortlessly absorbed in whole along with the chelated element of metal.

The pH of this plant supplement is 6.5, which is highly ideal for combining with products that are pH acid sensitive. It is unaffected by technical grade materials, changing soil conditions, or other nutrients. It will keep its soluble form for plant absorption since it is not attracted to soil particles that are negatively charged as it remains as an ion that is negatively charged.


Bedding Plants, Perennials, Cut Flowers, Plugs, Ornamentals, Nursery Crops, Trees, Foliage and Container Plants

For: Manganese deficiency

Read the Label for complete application instructions

Direct Siphon:
Manganese 5% can be siphoned directly from the original container. This can be done with a variable proportioner that can be set to high ratios and eliminates the need to mix stock concentrates or stir the mixing barrels. For 100 PPM manganese, set injector to 1:350; for 200 PPM, set injector to 1:175.

Soil and Tissue Testing:
Have horticulturists accurately identify micronutrient deficiencies. Whenever possible, run these tests prior to micro nutrients applications in order to prescribe the deficient micros.

Parts Per Million:

Use the Parts Per Million chart to choose desired manganese ratio.

Foliar Feeding:

When using overhead irrigation, Manganese Chelate 5% gives you dual efficiency because the nutrients will be absorbed by both the leaves and roots. For tender plants and greenhouse foliar spray applications, use one-half the rate (PPM) you would normally use for drip irrigation feeding.

Hand Watering:
Mix 1 to 1.25 teaspoons Manganese Chelate 5% per gallon of water. Saturate soil with the mix.

Manganese Chelate 5% is not compatible with phosphate fertilizers, and must be mixed and applied separately.