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Surfactants Penetrant Acidifier Deposition Aid 2.5 Gallons Prime Source PS 804

Surfactants Penetrant Acidifier Deposition Aid 2.5 Gallons Prime Source PS 804

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Prime Source PS 804 Surfactants - 2.5 Gallons

PS 804 Select™ combines the effects of a surfactant, penetrant, acidifier & deposition aid in one convenient, economical formulation.

Engineered to increase the coverage on a target surface area and penetration through waxy or weather hardened cuticles, PS 804 Select ensures more complete uptake of the applied active ingredient.

PS 804 Select delivers economy by adding penetrating and acidifying qualities to a traditional deposition aid. It is also extremely user friendly with its ability to disperse in cold water.

    Increases the surface area a spray will cover
    Improves penetration into substrate
    Reduces drift by helping to create the optimal droplet size
    Moderate acidifier to enhance tank mix stability
    Low foaming formulation to assist with initial tank mixing
    Disperses in to cold water
    Especially beneficial when used with weak acid herbicides

Principal Functioning Agents
A proprietary blend of acidifier, surfactants and drift reduction technologies- 80%

Use for:

Fruits, vegetables, row crops, citrus, small grains, forage crops, vine crops, forestry, aquatic, industrial, grasslands, right-of-way, turf and ornamentals

For use with: Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, Fertilizers, Defoliants

This product can be comparable to LI 700.


As a surfactant, PS 804 Select works to lower the surface tension of water droplets, allowing for better product coverage on the target surface. Direct benefits of surfactants include, facilitating uniform droplet spread of a spray solution, softening protective waxy layers on plants and bringing water into contact with water-repellent surfaces. In general, the addition of a surfactant to a tank mix, significantly improves its performance, by allowing the applied active to come in direct contact with a greater percentage of the plant’s surface area.

PS 804 Select improves the infiltration of active ingredients into the target pest or plant. Penetrants use different blends to soften, soak through and dissolve waxy, protective layers. They also help spray solutions move through and around bark-like coatings as well as wet protective hair-like coatings and keep them saturated with actives. Increased penetration leads to greater control of pests and limits herbicide resistance.

PS 804 Select contains dilute solutions of acids to contribute additional hydrogen ions to a spray solution, thereby decreasing the pH of the solution. pH modification can improve solubility of active ingredients, prevent mixing complications and increase the half-life performance of spray actives. This can result in better product performance and reduced stress on application equipment. Acidifiers are especially beneficial when used with weak acid products, such as glyphosate.

Deposition Aid

While not entirely eliminating drift, PS 804 Select improves the accuracy of spray applications by increasing the percentage of droplets that conform to the ideal size range as they pass through a spray system. Consistent droplet size maximizes pesticide distribution throughout the spray, while reducing the amount of waste associated with drift.

    When adding to a tank mix, always add PS 804 Select last.
    In general, follow the W-A-L-E-S plan when adding herbicides to a tank mix
    Wettable Powders (WP) then Flowables (F,DF)
    Agitate then add adjuvants such as anti-foaming compound & buffers
    Liquid and Soluble products
    Emulsifiable concentrates (EC)
    PS 804 Select or other adjuvants