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The Classic 18-3-6 with 50% SRN Pro Liquid Fertilizer For Golf Courses  2.5 Gals

The Classic 18-3-6 with 50% SRN Pro Liquid Fertilizer For Golf Courses 2.5 Gals

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The Classic 18-3-6 with 50% SRN Pro Liquid Fertilizer - 2.5 Gals

Growth Products The Classic 18-3-6 with 50% SRN is a professional liquid fertilizer for golf course tees and greens.

This Pro Liquid Fertilizer is made from the highest quality N-P-K raw materials and micronutrients, Classic 18-3-6 provides golf course professionals with outstanding results and pin-point control. It contains 50% Smart Nitrogen a proprietary slow-release nitrogen source. Smart Nitrogenis high efficiency and labor-saving potential make it a golf course favorite.

The Classic 18-3-6 with 50% SRN is safe and easy to apply through traditional spray applicators or through fertigation, The Classic provides golf course superintendents with a perfect balance of quick-release nitrogen for fast green-up and slow release nitrogen for continuous, steady feeding without flush growth. Its unique liquid formula provides dual efficiency from foliar and root feeding, and its chelated micronutrients are immediately available for improved turf health.

This Pro Liquid Fertilizer has an exceptionally low salt index, and contains no harmful chlorides, hydroxides, or high sulfur products. Plus, the highly complex Smart Nitrogen polymers contain carbon, which improves soils and feeds beneficial microbes. The Classic 18-3-6 will protect the turf, soil, and the environment.

Growth Products Classic Program For Greens recommends using 18-3-6 on a 10 to 14-day interval, along with Micrel Total or X-Xtra Iron, plus Essential Plus and Hydro-Max for a complete greens maintenance program. 18-3-6 can also be combined with other Growth Products to meet the requirements and the turfs unique needs.

Soluble Potash (P2O5) - 3%
Soluble Potash (K2O) - 6%
With 50% Micronutrients Plus SRN

For Golf Course Tees and Greens (Cool & Warm-Season Grasses)

Read the label for complete application instructions.

A 2.5 gallon container of The Classic 18 - 3 - 6 with 50% SRN will treat about 16,000 - 45,000 sq ft depending on what you are treating (ie Greens, Fairways, Sod, etc).