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Xcluder Fill Fabric Stops Rodents Snakes Starter Kit 10ft Roll Gloves Scissors

Xcluder Fill Fabric Stops Rodents Snakes Starter Kit 10ft Roll Gloves Scissors

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Xcluder Exclusion Fabric Stainless Steel Keeps out Rodents Snakes Insects

Xcluder Starter Kit

This easy to use kit contains one 4" x 10' roll of Xcluder Stainless Steel Fill Fabric, a set of gloves for safe handling, and a convenient pair of utility scissors for easy cutting.

The kit includes a 4 feet wide x 10 feet long roll of Xcluder fabric, safety gloves, and scissors.Keeps out Snakes, rodents and insects

Xcluder Fill Fabric is an exclusion fabric used by professional nuisance control and pest control operators. It is composed of stainless steel and poly fibers.

This blend of materials gives it an extra "spring back", allowing for easier fitting in crevices and the ability to stay in place well. Xcluder is highly resilient and is an impenetrable barrier against rodents and pests.

    100% non-toxic and environmentally safe
    Easy to install due to its flexible, compressible nature
    Does not shrink, stain, pull out or corrode
    Made of sharp durable fibers

Xcluder is made from stainless steel wool, it is a permanent solution.

Rodent Entry Points and Holes
Look for rodent entry points and holes around windows and doors; inside kitchen cabinets; around air vents and dryer vents; around pipes under the bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks; around water, electrical, gas and sewer (chases); behind or beneath water heater radiators, and furnaces and around any pipes or conduits that enter buildings.

Use rodent baits in burrows, before installing the Xcluder Fabric Fill. If you cover the burrow, the rodents may dig new holes to enter and exit.

Use gloves due to the nature of the stainless steel. Stainless steel can prick the skin.

Xcluder Fill Fabric comes in rolls and can be cut to size or shape desired. Cut the Xcluder 2-3 times the size of the opening to make a tight fit.

Install it by pressing it into rodent-prone crevices with gloved hands or simple tools like a putty knife or screwdriver.

*Note: Do not install Xcluder close to live electrical conductors, since stainless stell is an electrical conductor. Installing Xcluder around fully sealed electrical conduit coming out of a wall is safe.

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